Introducing the NEW Harvest Moon Gemz!

May 5th, 2023

Hey there, it's Brianna, the owner of Harvest Moon Gemz, and I'm excited to share some big news with you! We've recently undergone a complete rebranding process, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. 

Harvest Moon Gemz logo sticker


Our new logo and color scheme represent the fresh, clean look that we're going for with our updated website. We want to make sure that our shoppers have the best possible experience while browsing our collections, and we've worked hard to create a space that feels welcoming and easy to navigate.

Harvest Moon Gemz logo transformation


One of our primary goals with this rebranding is to help our customers find the aesthetic that speaks to them. We understand that everyone has their own unique style and preferences when it comes to jewelry, and we want to make sure that we have something for everyone.

To that end, we'll be curating several different collections that each bring forth a certain aesthetic. Whether you're looking for something bohemian and free-spirited, elegant and refined, or anything in between, we'll have a collection that's perfect for you.

Harvest Moon Gemz The Gothic Emporium Collection


Our hope is that when you shop with us, you'll feel like you're escaping into different worlds. Each collection will have its own unique vibe and feel, allowing you to explore and discover new styles that you might not have considered before.

But our website isn't just a place to shop - it's an experience. We want you to feel like you're stepping into a beautifully designed space that's been carefully crafted to showcase our collections in the best possible light. From the moment you land on our homepage to the second you complete your purchase, we want you to feel like you're part of something special.


So if you're looking for a jewelry shopping experience that's truly unique and exciting, look no further than Harvest Moon Gemz. We can't wait to welcome you to our new and improved website and show you everything that we have to offer.

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