Collection: Ethereal Wasteland

Escape into a world of sunset pink hues, fluffy clouds and a wasteland of tranquil fantasy. Welcome to the Ethereal Wasteland Collection.
  • Ethereal Wasteland

    Something about this series makes me feel a sense of longing and nostalgia for a time and place that’s never been. Perhaps I’m just a starseed waiting to be called home. Maybe you can relate? 

  • Meet the Artist

    Hey there dreamers, my name's Brianna. I’ve been obsessed with this aesthetic for a while now and being able to get these ideas and visions into frames for you all to see is the most rewarding part.

  • Thank You

    The entire poster series was featured during the month of August, 2022 at The Cup Coffeehouse in Wantagh, NY. Thank you to everyone who visited from the local area and thank you to The Cup for allowing artists like me to show their work in incredible spaces like this!

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