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Harvest Moon Gemz

Magical Seashell Pouch, Whispers from the Ocean

Magical Seashell Pouch, Whispers from the Ocean

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These precious little pouches contain magical ocean gemz. The Ocean belongs to Mother Earth and Seashells are her gift to us. The vibrational energy of seashells play a crucial role in healing our planet, aka Mother Earth. These gifts from the sea have exceptional healing powers for us as well. Inside also contains a special fortune, what will yours say? Perfect gift for a loved one or for a gift of self love.

Item Info

• Materials: Small Mesh Pouch, Tiny Seashells and/or Stones, 1 Fortune
• Quantity: 1 pouch per order
• Shells and/or Stones and Fortune within jar are chosen at random


⚠️ Colors may vary slightly depending on monitor settings.

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